Amazon confirms upcoming Kindle app for Mac

A few days ago, Amazon and Microsoft declared to the world that a Kindle app was underway for the Windows operating system. Just earlier, the online retailer has confirmed that an OS X version of the application is coming too, as reported by TUAW, though details are unfortunately bare currently.

The Kindle is, as you may know, a piece of hardware designed to aid with the mobile and digital reading of eBooks, and it is coupled with Amazons software which provides a vast range of them ready and available for download over-the-air. Its a handy service for those who use it, though currently its limited in the devices its available on. Amazon, perhaps seeing a threat from the new Barnes and Noble "nook" reader, aims to fix this by having compatibility with desktop computers.

This is a great move for Amazon and users of the Kindle service, though it means if you purchase a book through that company, you cant use it with any other e-reader, causing problems if the need arises. At the moment, theres no estimated shipping date on the software, but hopefully it wont be too far away.

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