Amazon will reportedly divvy up its second HQ between two different cities

A new report from Reuters suggests that Amazon may actually divide its second headquarters between two cities, instead of basing it in one location as previously expected.

The report relies on individuals said to be familiar with the matter, and suggests that the decision may be based on Amazon's desire to court more talent. Having more locations to offer might help make the company more appealing to a wider band of people. It would also allow it to no longer face as much competition with other tech giants over the same potential recruits.

Another reason driving the decision may be living costs, as a huge influx of Amazonians is sure to send property and other prices in the city location flying upward. By divvying up its workforce between two locales, the corresponding increase in living expenses may be mitigated somewhat.

However, thisreport does somewhat contradict an earlier report suggesting Crystal City, Virginia would be the home of Amazon's new HQ. According to Reuters' sources, the cities currently in the shortlist are Dallas, Long Island City in New York and Arlington. It's unclear if Crystal City has been removed from the running. With Amazon being incredibly tight-lipped about the decision, we'll likely only know for sure once the company makes an official announcement.

What we do know is that with almost every state and city making offers and promising the tech giant a whole array of incentives, Amazon is certainly not lacking for choice.

Source: Reuters

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