AMD Has Started Shipping 90nm Products

The Investor's Hub claims that AMD has begun shipments of its 90nm AMD64 processors. AMD is a little late to the game, what with Intel and IBM's 90nm processors already on the market. Unlike these two companies, AMD hasn't been experiencing any major delays or processor defects. So just maybe, being late to this game was the best move.

AMD fans have a lot to look forward to in the second half of this year, as AMD is rolling out three Opteron processors known as 'Venus', 'Troy', and 'Athens'. According to AMDs roadmap, we'll also see a Mobile Athlon 64 processor dubbed 'Oakville', and a desktop Athlon 64 processor called 'Winchester'. On a separate note, AMD has plan to release its dual-core processors in the second half of next year.

So far AMD hasn't visibly had a lot of headaches from the transition from 130nm to 90nm fabrication. Until AMD actually release its 90nm processors we won't know for sure. The good news about not being the first to release a 90nm processor is you can learn from your competitor's mistakes. Knowing AMD, they did exactly that.

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