Android ported to the iPhone 3G

The team that initially brought the first successful port of Android for the first generation iPhone has now done the same for the iPhone 3G.

David Wang posts on PC World that although their latest port to the 3G has a few rough edges, it resembles an important milestone for the Android on iPhone community as progress is continually improving. The port allows users to use any application on Android OS that doesn't require audio or send/receive SMS texts.

Though there are still some loose ends, the team has made many different improvements from their first release. The latest build includes a plethora of bug fixes, under-the-hood improvements, a better Wi-Fi driver, a new boot loader, and improved power and backlight management. Audio support is in the works and should arrive in the few days. 

Wang states that users wanting to try it for themselves will have the chance within the next few days as they package the binaries and write up the instructions. 

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