Angry Birds now in Chrome Web Store, also works in FF and IE

Among the many announcements today at Google I/O was that the popular bird hurling game, Angry Birds, is now available in the Chrome Web Store. The browser version of the game is now available and can be played here, but you are not limited to using just Chrome.

While Google used the popular game to promote their own Web Store for Chrome, the application can be played in Firefox and IE 9. If you have yet to play the game that has taken the smartphone and tablet market by storm, you can now get your feet wet by using your browser. Angry Birds has been a massive success, the simple game has become an Internet classic and is among the top selling mobile applications of all time.

While the game is available to any modern browser, it may be possible for Google to use the Chrome Web Store to obtain exclusive levels of the popular game explicitly for the Chrome browser. Google is clearly using the the popular game to help promote its browser in an attempt to gain marketshare, but is this game enough to take users away from IE and Firefox? Only time will be able to answer that question.

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