A small Windows 8.1 tablet from Aava Mobile revealed

Earlier this week, Toshiba announced the first small tablet that will have Windows 8.1 installed, the 8-inch Encore. Now another, less well known company called Aava Mobile has revealed its own 8.3 inch tablet that will include Windows 8.1 but this product is being made for different types of customers.

PCWorld reports that the tablet, which does not have a name yet, will not be sold directly to consumers. Instead, the units will be made to order for large businesses in the health care, education, and service markets. Aava Mobile will also license the design of the tablet to other companies who can then turn around and sell them to consumers under their own brand name.

One interesting thing about this tablet is that it has been made with a swappable battery, so that users can buy extra power packs. That's a feature that you don't normally see in small screen devices. It has also been made to work with docking accessories. In addition, Aava Mobile announced that it will make a larger 10.1 version of this same tablet design. It will show off the smaller unit next week in San Francisco as part of Intel's IDF conference since it runs on the company's upcoming Bay Trail processor.

Source: PCWorld | Image via Aava Mobile

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