Apple discontinues its absurd 'Designed by Apple in California' book

Nearly three years ago, Apple introduced a book called Designed by Apple in California. Starting at a hilarious $199 for the 10-inch model and costing $299 for the 13-inch size, it contains pictures of the company's products over the previous 20 years.

But now, the book is no longer available to purchase, as spotted by Cult of Mac. The page on Apple's website for the product is still up, but if you click the link to buy one, you'll get a message saying that the page you're looking for can't be found.

A tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, it contains 450 photos of various Apple products, going back to the 1998 iMac, a product that's credited as being the first toward a revival of the company. It's also a book that shows of the designs of Jony Ive, who recently announced that he's leaving Apple to start his own design company, which will still be contracted by Apple.

If you wanted the book, you'll have to look elsewhere, but it won't be easy since Apple was the only one selling it. It would seem that some people are selling theirs on eBay at a premium.

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