Apple might launch a dual-SIM 6.1-inch LCD version iPhone exclusive for the Chinese market

Rumors are ripe about the upcoming iPhone models coming later this year. Reports suggest that Apple will be launching at least three models this fall, with two of the models sporting 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED panels and a lower-tier 6.1-inch model sporting an LCD display. Leaked images of the front panels and phones themselves gave us a possible look at the devices.

Additionally, code from iOS 12 beta released last week hinted at possible dual-SIM models, rumors of which were heard back in April of this year. Today, a new report from Taiwan-based ‘United Daily News’ suggests that the 6.1-inch iPhone might be the one sporting a dual-SIM option and that it might be exclusive to the Chinese market.

According to the report, sources from Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company that produces iPhones, revealed that the phones that have begun mass production for their September release have four codes (801, 802, 803 and 804). The codes 801 and 802 reportedly point towards the OLED models with a stainless steel frame, whereas the codes 803 and 804 point towards the LCD models with an aluminum alloy frame. The presence of four codes for three models hints at the possibility of two models of the same screen size, one with a dual-SIM slot and the other without.

Image Source: MacRumors

Sources speculate that a dual-SIM 6.1-inch LCD version of the upcoming iPhone might be specific to the Chinese market. A dual-SIM mid-tier Apple device makes sense for that market, as consumers in markets like China and India prefer to have two SIM cards, separate for work and personal use. Android manufacturers have for long offered this capability and Apple fans have awaited this feature on the iPhone. If true, and priced competitively, the Cupertino giant might succeed in attracting Android users in those markets who have held out due to lack of such functionality.

As all of this information is far from confirmed, it is advised that you take it all with a pinch of salt. It will be interesting to see what Apple has in store for consumers this fall, as the company is expected to reveal much more than just phones.

Source: United Daily News via (1), (2)

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