Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2.0

Many windows settings work in harmony in order to get the best out of an available internet connection. Unfortunately, the factory design of these settings means that they are often not optimised for a particular connection type, or they are adjusted by a newly installed software product unasked. The consequences are plain to see: the computer can't get the best out of your internet connection. As a user, this means you have to wait longer until web pages have loaded in your browser or until internet downloads are finished.

For beginners and for most professionals, it simply isn't possible to find the settings necessary for the fine tuning of the internet in the registry – let alone to edit them. No problem: the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator will be pleased to complete this job for you!

Step on the accelerator: and enjoy faster internet surfing
A slow internet connection costs time and gets on your nerves. For this reason, taking the time to optimise the settings is almost considered a must – particularly since an optimisation in terms of speed doesn't come with any additional cost, neither for a hardware extension nor for the software, as the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 can be used completely free of charge.

The program allows a fully automatic setting of the most important parameters. To achieve this, communicating the method used for internet access to the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 on the part of the user is sufficient:

* Analogue modem
* DSL via LAN cable or cable modem
* DSL via wireless LAN
* Other LAN connections (no DSL)

This system means that the program gets the very last drop of performance out of the internet connection. When using a modem and an ISDL connection, the improvements in performance are particularly noticeable – a reason for celebration. With a DSL connection, the tuning result isn't quite as impressive, as there are fewer things which need adjusting in order to provide an optimisation. Nonetheless, it is still the case here that every percentage of extra performance means better internet surfing.

For professionals: manual adjustment of the settings
It goes without saying that anyone who wants to make manual adjustments can also do these in the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2. In this case, the program reads all of the relevant settings and then allows you yourself to activate or deactivate options and / or to change numerical values.

The changes are only accepted at the end of the sequence by hitting the confirmation button. The program will then issue the user a warning, stating that any inappropriate changes completed may also slow down the internet connection.

Free registration
The Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 can be used free of charge for 10 days. Subsequent to this time, a free online registration is then required in order to receive an activation code which will convert the test version of the program into a full version which can be used over the long term.

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