BestBuy beats competition, offers $180 HD DVD player

Despite the retail giant's plans to offer a sub-$200 Toshiba HD DVD player, Walmart was recently beaten to the punch time-wise by CircuitCity and now price-wise by BestBuy. Toshiba's HD-A2, which started out at $500, is now priced at $180 on BestBuy's website. Unfortunately, the stock for shipping has already sold out and there seems to be limited availibilty for store pickup. The HD-A2 is, after all, an outdated product that retailers want to clear off the shelves. Toshiba and Sony still have quite a while until the holidays; there's no telling what they have prepared to win movie-lovers over. The HD war continues: to the consumer's delight, prices are dropping, but to the consumer's dismay, a winner has yet to emerge.

Link: $179.99 HD-A2 | More HD DVD Player Deals

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