Black Mesa Half-Life 1 Source engine footage leaks [Update]

For years, a group of fans have been working on a project that would adapt Valve's Half-Life 1 to the Source engine that Valve used for Half-Life 2. The project has taken much longer than anticipated. However, the team recently released some new screenshots from their project, called Black Mesa.

This week, new footage from Black Mesa was leaked to the Internet, via You Tube. The footage comes from the "On a Rail" section of Half-Life/Black Mesa and shows some impressive looking visuals. It's the first video footage from the Black Mesa project in two years.

The video was posted by the fan site Valve Time, which claims it comes from an "anonymous reader". In a post on the official Black Mesa message boards, the team states:

Someone showed someone else something they shouldn't have, and that someone else decided to share that something with the internet. And here we are today. Bottom line is that sooner or later, you were going to see what you saw; that's why we haven't tried to cover everything up or get it taken down. There's no conspiracy, we don't have any ulterior motives.

The post adds that the video footage comes from a build of Black Mesa that is just four or five weeks old and that there won't be many changes between what is in the video and what's in the final product.

There is still no release date yet for Black Mesa. However, the team did indicate that the video's leaked release has moved up their timetable to show off media from the game.

Update: Well, despite the Black Mesa team's claims, the video has now been taken down.

Source: YouTube

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