BT ISP nets some losses

Pop Quiz: What cuts me off after two hours, flogged £67m of net access but lost £22m in the three months to the end of September?

Yep, BTopenworld - the ISP division of the monster telco - has increased revenue and narrowed its losses.

Even so, since it is still bleeding cash, people will still, rather cruelly, refer to the business as "BTopenwound". Publishing Q2 figures for the three months to the end of September, BTopenworld reported that turnover grew 20 per cent to £67m while its operating loss fell 39 per cent to £22m.

The improvement in figures is down to a growth in its broadband products and its core narrowband business, the company said in a statement. At the end of September BTopenworld had 213,000 broadband customers, representing around one in five of all broadband connections in the UK. BTopenworld also accounts for just under half of all of BT broadband connections, the rest being resold by ISPs such as AOL, Freeserve and Pipex.

In a further announcement today BT said it had teamed up with Dell to flog broadband. Punters buying Dell PCs will be offered the choice of including a broadband package from BT Broadband or BTopenworld when they order their PC. The idea is that Dell will market ADSL to its existing customers, some of whom will already be broadband-enabled, and new customers will ultimately have an 'add BT Broadband' option as they configure their PCs.

View: BTopenwound still bleeds and BT signs broadband deal with Dell

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