Centrino, VPN Ground Some PCs

Some laptop computer owners have discovered an annoying quirk with their machines: Whenever users install certain Nortel security software, their computers' screens turn blue and the laptops cease to work. The problem is caused by Intel's new Centrino chipset, which is not compatible with Nortel's Contivity virtual private network. That software lets workers securely check e-mail and other office applications from home.

Nortel, which has shipped more than 35 million units of the VPN, disclosed the problem in a customer support bulletin, which among other remedies, recommended that laptop owners uninstall key Centrino drivers and instead use those of the Windows XP operating system. In fact, Intel did not include Contivity on a list of VPNs that supported its driver, which lets users receive wireless Internet access -- a key feature of the Centrino chipset.

Nortel spokesman Pat Cooper denied Contivity was incompatible with Centrino. He pointed out that Nortel's bulletin included steps customers could take to run Centrino and Contivity at the same time. Also, the Intel support website does include a note that the problematic drivers should be disabled before any VPN software -- even that made by Intel -- is installed.

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