Chrome 91 includes 23% speed boost with new Sparkplug compiler

Google Chrome 91 written next to the Chrome logo against a dark background

Google released Chrome 91 a couple of days ago but has today revealed on the Chromium blog that this release came with a new Sparkplug compiler and short builtin calls which make the browser 23% faster than before.

With the sheer number of people that use Google Chrome now, combined with the speed improvement, the search giant estimates that more than 17 years worth of CPU time is saved daily thanks to these latest changes.

Sparkplug is a new JavaScript compiler that manages to run code quickly while also optimising the code for the best performance. Short builtin calls, on the other hand, are a mechanism that the V8 JavaScript engine uses to optimise the placement of generated code inside of the computer’s memory; this boosts performance by avoiding indirect jumps when calling functions and is apparently most useful on Apple M1 chip Macs.

Google Chrome is based around four core principles, according to the Chromium website; speed, security, stability, and simplicity. With the new Sparkplug compiler and short builtin calls bringing a significant speed increase to page load times, it re-enforces the speed and stability aspects of Chrome and will likely help it retain more of its user base who just want to use a fast browser.

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