Chrome Extension Imports Facebook Friends to Google+ [Update]

Everyone is already interested in the new Google+ service, yet it is not available to most people yet. Many doubt that anyone could catch up to Facebook's massive membership. Unless you could import your Facebook friends easily to the new service. With Google+, there is a Chrome extension for that. Facebook Friend Exporter is the work of developer Mohamed Mansour, a software engineer who works at Blackberry maker Research in Motion, according to PC World. The extension essentially extracts the data for each one of your Facebook friends. It then puts it into one huge file or ports it into your Google contacts.

However, it is very time consuming. 150 friends takes a half hour to do, and during the process, browsers have crashed. Once imported, you can put your Facebook friends into Circles. On its face, the application seems to violate Facebook's Terms of Service. Mansour is very upfront about his app: "Get *your* data contact out of Facebook, whether they want you to or not. You gave them your friends and allowed them to store that data, and you have right to take it back out! Facebook doesn't own my friends." This should be interesting to see whether Facebook pays more attention now that this app has over 17,000 downloads and counting. Google needs to pay attention, for sure.

Update from the developer: Facebook is trying so hard to not allow you to export your friends. They started to remove emails of your friends from your profile by today July 5th 2011. It will no longer work for many people. New version with a different design is currently deploying. You might have to do exports daily. It uses a different approach, and I will maintain this version. Just bear with me.

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