Chrome version 15 is world's number one web browser

If you believe the numbers that have been generated by the web site statistic service StatCounter, Google's Chrome 15 web browser is now the most used browser software in the world. reports that Chrome 15 went past Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 to reach the number one spot.

StatCounter claimed that in the last two weeks of November and the first week of December, Chrome 15 was used by 24 percent of web browser users worldwide compared to 22.9 percent for IE8. It was the first time ever in StatCounter's history that a web browser not developed and released by Microsoft had reached the top spot on its stat numbers.

The results show that Google's Chrome web browser is definitely gaining more and more users worldwide. Just a few weeks ago, StatCounter claimed that Chrome had overtaken Mozilla's Firefox to become the world's number two web browser in terms of cumulative web browsers rather than specific versions.

A few days ago, Google launched Chrome 16 as part of the company's fast and automatic update plans. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it would start its own automatic update program for Internet Explorer web browser starting in 2012. We should note that IE is still the most popular platform for browsing the web. 

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