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Microsoft Edge reaches its all-time new high of 13.14% in the desktop browser market

Logos of the five mainstream browsers aligned according to their popularity

Statcounter's latest findings for May 2024 revealed an increase in Windows 11 users after a couple of months of steady decline. The report also contains information about desktop and mobile browsers, showing what apps customers prefer to browse the internet. According to the May 2024 report, Microsoft Edge managed to reach a new all-time high of 13.14%, beating the previous month's result by 0.32 points.

Although there is no reason to believe we will have a new most popular browser in the world any time soon, Chrome lost quite a chunk of users in May 2024. Statcounter says its market share went down from 65.65% to 64.87%.

Apple's Safari browser is third, with a respectable 8.79% market share. Firefox is fourth with 6.64%, and Opera closes the list of top 5 desktop browsers with a 3.23% share.

  1. Google Chrome - 64.87% (-0.78 points)
  2. Microsoft Edge - 13.14% (+0.32 points)
  3. Apple Safari - 8.79% (+0.35 points)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 6.64% (-0.09 points)
  5. Opera - 3.23% (+0.22 points)
Browser stats for May 2024 from Statcounter

The mobile desktop market is dominated by two main players: Google and Apple. Chrome holds 65.94%, while Apple's Safari has 23.47%. Microsoft also has a mobile version of Edge, but its market share is nowhere near even the Samsung Internet with its 4.43% market share. Statcounter claims that Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android has roughly 0.34%.

Disrupting a well-established market is a very hard task, but Microsoft is working on some features that could help Edge gain more users. Extensions, for one, may bring more attention to Microsoft Edge on mobile platforms, but the company has yet to bring extension support from preview channels to all users.

  1. Google Chrome - 65.94% (+0.19 points)
  2. Apple Safari - 23.47% (-0.30 points)
  3. Samsung Internet - 4.43% (+0.06 points)
  4. Opera - 2.16% (-0.02 points)
  5. UC Browser - 1.48% (+0.03 points)
Browser stats for May 2024 from Statcounter

You can find more information on the official Statcounter website.

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