is back, copy of CompUSA & Tiger Direct site

CircuitCity lives again, or at least the name does. As of May 23 the site has gone live again offering the types of products that you would expect from the defunct mega-retailer. While the main page feels familiar the rest of the site has changed to a well-known feeling that most will be able to easily navigate.

Systemax was the company who bought up the Circuit City assets including the domain name and other online related property. Not so coincidentally the same company who also bought up CompUSA's domain assets also own and run

Knowing this fact it becomes quite apparent that is a direct copy of CompUSA and TigerDirect. So much in fact that they use the same backend software to run all of the sites, need proof?

Try this, go to and pick any product and click add to cart. After hitting "add to cart" you can change the core address of the website and have the exact same product added to your cart on the other websites.

Also with the new site if you're having problems with a product previously bought at Circuit City they are not able to provide any help nor will they honor any warranty claims.

While Circuit City online sit may appear to be back the reality of it is that the mega-retailer that we once all knew is really gone forever. The name may have stuck around but the heart of the company is dead and has been replaced by Tiger Direct.

If you've previously purchased products from the old, then you may want to check out the new company's privacy page. They will be transferring all of the customer information from the old site to the new company, unless you opt-out. In otherwords, if you want to keep this new company from spamming your Inbox, we suggest making a trip over there right now. You have to opt-out before June 9.

View: Customer Information Transfer Opt-Out

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