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Citymapper acquired by transit tech company Via

The Citymapper and Via logos

The popular city navigation tool, Citymapper, has been acquired by the New York City-based company Via for an undisclosed amount. Luckily for users, Citymapper will still continue to operate its app going forward so people can continue to use it. In fact, the acquisition could be very good for users as it means Citymapper has more resources to invest in the development of the app which could lead to better features.

The last year or so has seen brutal cuts in workforces across the tech sector due to the increasing cost of credit. Citymapper said in its statement that every member of its team will be joining Via “so we can continue the same roadmap and mission”. This should be a bit of a reprieve for any of Citymapper’s employees who were looking around and wondering if their jobs were on the line.

“The team at Citymapper has spent a decade building some of the greatest technology in urban mobility, with the mission to make cities easier to navigate and urban transportation more efficient, sustainable, and accessible,” said Citymapper founder and CEO Azmat Yusuf. “We share this vision with Via, and through this acquisition, can expand Citymapper to a larger audience, make our technology available to cities and transit agencies, and extend the positive impact on the communities we serve.”

For those who have never used Citymapper, it’s a little different from Google Maps. Whereas Google Maps shows routes anywhere in the world, Citymapper opted to focus on individual cities and the surrounding areas. It uses your location to switch to the appropriate city and provides information relevant to you. It’s also more focused on public transport rather than car-centred travel.

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