Civilization V updated to support touch screens on Windows 8

Sid Meier's Civilization V was released over two years ago, but the development team at Firaxis Games is still continuing to update the latest title in the turn-based strategy game series. Recently, the game got an update on Steam that added a rather interesting new feature: Windows 8 touch screen support.

As shown in a video on the YouTube channel of the game's publisher 2K Games, Civilization V's lead producer Dennis Shirk demonstrates the new touch enabled UI of Civilization V. Firaxis worked with Intel to not only get the game running on a Windows 8 touch screen, but also to optimize its graphics to run on an Intel-based Ultrabook design, which normally would not be able to handle the the graphics of a game like Civilization V.

The video show how easy it is to do things like move units on the map in Civilization V by just touching the screen running on the Windows 8 laptop, along with zooming in and out of the map by pinching or spreading two fingers on the screen. As Shirk notes, this will make Civilization V much earlier to play for gamers on the go, without them having to get out a mouse or access a small trackpad.

We think that other strategy games would certainly benefit from touch screen support in Windows 8 and hopefully more will follow in the footsteps of Civilization V.

Source: 2K Games on YouTube

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