Comcast rumored to launch 305 Mbps Internet tier

In June, Verizon launched a new download speed tier for its FiOS Internet service. The new speed limit was set for 300 Mbps for downloads and up to 65 Mbps for uploads, about twice what the already speedy ISP offered to its subscribers.

Now a new report claims that Comcast is going to launch its own new high speed Internet service that is five Mbps faster than Verizon FiOS. states, via unnamed sources, that Comcast plans to offer some of its customers a way to get 305 Mbps download speeds. The service will apparently be for Comcast customers who live in areas that are also serviced by Verizon FiOS.

There are no other details yet about this new faster service, other than it is supposed to launch by the end of 2012. There's no word yet as to what the price will be for the 305 Mbps tier. Verizon FIOS's 300 Mbps service is priced at $205 a month. There's also no word on what the upstream speed will be for Comcast's faster service.

Of course, both Verizon FiOS and Comcast's upper speeds should pale in comparison to what Google plans to offer residents in Kansas City soon. The Google Fiber project is supposed to offer download speeds up to 1 Gbps. Google is scheduled to reveal more information at a event next week.


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