Curiosity game to be renamed due to NASA's Mars rover

In July, famed game creator Peter Molyneux announced that his first game from his new development studio 22 Cans would be the PC puzzle game titled Curiosty. The game was supposed to have been released on Wednesday.

Now Molyneux has admitted that the game has been delayed and will now be released in September. In a post on his Twitter page, he said the reason for the delay was due to the title of the game, saying "we cant use it because of NASA." Thats likely in reference to the recent Mars rover Curiosity.

Its not known why there would be a conflict between a Mars rover and a PC puzzle game, but Molyneux is currently taking suggestions on what the new title of the game should be on his Twitter page.

Molyenux had previously said the game will allow people to chip down on a virtual cube thats made up of 60 million smaller cubes. It will support up to one million gamers at once and one of them will apparently be able to find a secret thats inside that cube. The game will also support microtransactions for players to purchase tools to chip at the cube. One of them will cost a whopping $50,000.

Source: Peter Molyeux Twitter page

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