Dark age of Camelot update. Version 1.36



- Spell icons have been completely revamped. You should now have more interesting and different colored icons for your spells. This should make it much easier to distinguish between them when you have them readied on your Quickbar.

- Groups no longer disband when entering dungeons or cities and when crossing into other realms. When a single group member moves across regions, you will see him grayed out in your group window.

- The Realm vs. Realm bug when using mesmerization spells against players has been fixed. Previously, casting mez on a player would have a relatively random effect. Now, if you are mesmerized, you cannot move or fight, but any damage taken or a healing spell cast on you will "break" the mez.

- Dexterity debuff spells have been fixed. Now, any monster that has a debuff cast on it will take more damage than it otherwise would have.

- The /WHO command will no longer show duplicate entries for players who have crashed.

- You can now get additional information on Merchant items with the INFORMATION key (Shift-I). Do use this, right click on any item in a merchant's store inventory, and then press shift-I.

- Items that buff resistance to damage types (slash, thrust, crush) now work correctly. Previously, resistance items were not applying the proper bonus.

- Poisons now show their level in the object information window.

- You should now be able to right-click on all your spells to get information about them. Previously, some spells did not show information when you right-clicked them.

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