Demigod Hands-on Preview and Fresh Screenshots

To describe Gas Powered Games' Demigod as a DotA clone is doing a disservice to its target audience. Demigod is DotA for people who think DotA sounds like a division of Homeland Security.

So what is Demigod? Picture a PC RTS where the player controls a single, gigantic hero unit--an RTS/action-RPG hybrid. Each side has an automatically-spawning horde of minor units, with the Demigod's task being to either direct them to a specific location, or impact the battle to the point that your side eventually overtakes the opposing enemy.

  • Revolutionary team-based action game that includes RTS, action RPG and fighting game elements
  • Work cooperatively with teammates (AI or human in multiplayer) to dominate your opponents
  • Level up your Demigod and purchase unique equipment
  • Fight and lead your troops with the goal of pushing the battle into your opponent's territory and destroying their stronghold
  • Fight in fantastic arenas
  • Two styles of play: Assassin and General
  • Simple RTS-style controls
  • Advanced AI
  • Robust multiplayer
  • Ranked and unranked games via our GPGnet service
  • Clan, chat, and tournament support
  • Future plans include downloadable content
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