Did you miss out on Redbull Rampage? IE11 wants to help you out

While the final version of Internet Explorer 11 is only available for Windows 8.1 at this point, Microsoft is continuing to work with other websites to help them optimize their creations so it will work best on the new web browser. Today, Microsoft announced a new collaboration with Red Bull on a site dedicated to the Red Bull Rampage freeride mountain biking event.

The IE blog states that while the actual bike event took place earlier in October, it was witnessed by just 1,000 people due in part because it was held at Gooseberry Mesa, a remote desert location in Utah. This new website now allows anyone to check out what happened during Red Bull Rampage, thanks to a combination of videos and interactive 3D maps that users HTML, WebGL and more.

The site lets users view the rides of each bike racer down the course and the 3D map lets them keep track of where they traveled, Microsoft says:

To create the site, we started by getting 3D geographic data for both the course at Gooseberry Mesa and the surrounding area to create a geographically correct three-dimensional model of the Rampage course. We also attached a small GPS device to the rider's mountain bikes to capture their exact location during the ride. Last, we used the timestamp on the GPS data point to align the GPS data with video footage captured by Red Bull Media House of each rider on the course. The combination of those three data sources (the 3D map, the GPS data and the footage of the rider) is what allows us to create this never before seen experience on the web.

Microsoft collaborated with developer Pixel Lab on the site, who previously worked on the Hover IE11 web browser experience.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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