Digital Games to be Included in UK Chart

Industry title MCV has reported that UK company Chart-Track is looking to integrate downloaded games into the charts--so could gamers see retro PlayStation or Super Nintendo Entertainment System games storming to number one? It's something that could happen, Chart-Track's Dorian Bloch told GameSpot, "In theory, a first-generation title, if it sold well enough, could go to number one."

The company has made the move to follow the market, Bloch explained, and also because of calls from retailers and e-tailers who feel they are losing market share as their digital downloads aren't counted. Bloch said, "It's no secret that most retailers and e-tailers are looking to do something themselves, or to partner with someone to offer digital downloads...Whereas it's not a huge part of the market in the UK at the moment, it's not something we ignore."

The rules as to what will be eligible for inclusion have yet to be written, as the chart doesn't yet exist, although Bloch said that certain basic rules sprung to mind. The game would have to be for sale, since free products could allow for "manipulation" of the chart, and the game would have to be a full product. Games from individuals who sell their indie products through Web sites would be included, along with games from the big publishers and smaller developers.
The updated model will include three new charts, the "traditional boxed charts," the digital download chart, and a combination of the two.

News source: Gamespot

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