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Apple eases restrictions and officially allows game emulators on the App Store

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In a significant shift in its approach, Apple has relaxed its App Store policies and now finally opened the doors for retro game emulators to be published in its marketplace. For years, Apple has been pretty strict on what is published in its marketplace and has blocked game emulators from being downloaded from the App Store.

As per updated guidelines (spotted by 9to5Mac), retro game emulators are now allowed in the App Store and can also offer downloaded games. Apple has warned the developers that the games should adhere to all relevant laws, and failing to comply would lead to stricter action against the developers.

Apple has also emailed game emulator developers to inform them that they can create and offer their emulators on the App Store. Before this update, game emulators weren't allowed on the App Store. However, there were ways to use emulators on an Apple device, which usually required jailbreaking and sideloading tools.

Thanks to the newly updated guidelines, Apple has eliminated the need to jailbreak to enjoy emulators on Apple devices. Developers need to take precautions that pirated game offering is a big no-no. It is unclear what has caused the change of hearts for Apple, but there is speculation that this could be because of the mounting legal pressure from the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Recently, Apple has also relaxed its policies to allow sideloading apps on the iPhone and iPad. Even though Apple has eased the restrictions, don't expect a flood of retro game emulators to pop up on the App Store as the hurdle of Apple's app review process stands in place.

Apart from allowing game emulators onto the App Store, the updated guidelines also introduced new "Music Streaming Services Entitlements" in the European Union, allowing music streaming apps in specific regions to include links to an external website.

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