E3 2012: E3 Booth Babes - Day 1

E3 2012 has begun and, as always, the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center are full of not just games and game hardware but also of the booth babes. Some people like them and some feel they are a distraction. Whatever your opinion is on the matter, they are an undeniable fixture of E3 and will likely be that way for years to come.

This year, we found that the number of booth models are distinctly lower than in the past. Some companies that used to have lots of booth babes on the show floor have either cut down on their use or have done away with them entirely. THQ, which hired a ton of models for their past E3 exhibits, isn't even on the convention floor (they are in a small meeting room this year).

However, it looks like there will be more than enough booth models both inside and outside the show floor to please the biggest fans of these ladies. We took a few pictures today and look for even more to be posted on NeoGamr in the next few days, even as we race to make our next game demo appointment.

NeoGamr and Neowin's coverage of E3 2012 is sponsored by War Inc. Battle Zone.

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