E3 Day 3 Coverage

Things were slightly less crazy today at E3. That means we were able to check out a lot more goodies in between pimping Galactic Civilizations II and our MMORTS in development, Society (I feel so dirty now).

Yesterday there were plenty of people who took issue with my disappointment with the Xbox 360 demos. I went by the booth again and yea, they still aren't impressive. They look like year old PC games.

But Microsoft has its killer app I think for the Xbox 360 -- Xbox Live's game purchasing. Microsoft looks to be planning to make available mini-games for purchase for $5 to $10 via Xbox live. Imagine casual games or little arcade games that someone can buy, much as they might buy a ringer or game for their cell phone except this being for their Xbox.

They seem to be experimenting with this with Xbox Live Arcade which was VERY impressive. Very fun games done very inexpensively.

Also, for those of you who were disappointed with Heroes of Might and Magic IV, fear not, HOMM V looks like it's going to totally rock.

You read the the full journal via the link below..

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