Elon Musk to provide an update on Neuralink's work today

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In 2017, Elon Musk announced a new company called Neuralink with the eventual goal of implanting computing devices in human brains. In a couple of hours, Musk is set to give the world a status update on the work his Neuralink firm has been up to.

To watch the event, simply tune into the company’s live stream taking place on YouTube, which is embedded below, at 10 P.M. UTC.

As with his approach to rockets, Musk is taking work at Neuralink a step at a time. To date, the firm has tested brain-computer interface devices on monkeys and rats but said that it would look to begin tests on humans this year; if the firm has begun work with humans this could be announced during the update.

While Neuralink is producing the most invasive gizmos of Musk’s firms, you shouldn’t worry about receiving an upgrade just yet. Comments from Musk suggest that the current work is aiming to solve brain disorders rather than giving people superhuman abilities.

It’s not clear what the firm will do in the mid- to long-term but it will no doubt throw up countless ethical and legal debates that could significantly slow down the adoption of these technologies outside of medical cases.

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