eXeem Release "Within Next Week"

eXeem, the P2P-based BitTorrent distribution program, is likely to be released for the first time within the next week, Neowin understands. In a notice on the homepage of the former Suprnova torrents site, the program's creators say the first public beta is due for release next week.

Suprnova's Sloncek has previously spoken about the project, which has been suggested as the way forward for BitTorrent. Suprnova disappeared last month, at the same time as the Motion Pictures Association of America began suing other torrent distribution sites.

A private beta has been in use for the past few weeks. The software itself has been leaked; however, users need to enter a unique key to sign into the software. If a public beta does follow, it will be the first chance for many to get a look at the way the new software works. Sloncek has already indicated it is going to be ad-supported - something which has angered many users.

View: Suprnova homepage

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