Facebook offers classified ads

Popular social networking website Facebook has began offering free listings of classified advertising via a service called Marketplace, allowing users to search for or offer jobs, sell items or request services. The service will be integrated into the interface of the site, appearing on the left side along menu items that allow users to search for photos, groups or events. The announcement about the new service came the same day that another social networking site, Friendster, launched a classified listing service.

Unlike rival sites, Facebook allows a measure of privacy by only allowing those people the user has identified as "friends" to be able to see their full profiles. The same principle will apply to the classified ads, with users being able to offer their items or services to either their designated group of friends or, through a news feed, to the community at large. "There are no anonymous listings, and we give you a very clear path to see how you can trust the other person you are conducting business with," said founder Mark Zuckerberg.

News source: CBC News

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