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Facebook Messenger adds HD Photos, Shared Albums, and more

Shared Albums in Messenger

Facebook Messenger, one of the most used messaging apps in the world, has just received some new features. They include HD photos, shared albums, connecting with people via QR code, and sending files up to 100MB from your phone with all major file formats supported.

When sending pictures in Messenger, you’ll now notice a HD toggle in the top right of the image picker area. As usual, you can select multiple images to send them, all in HD now.

In addition to sending HD images, you can create shared albums with your contacts. To do this, you need to select multiple images in the chat composer, tap Create album (you can also long press a photo in the chat and tap Create album). If you want to add more photos to an album, just tap Add to album.

Once an album is shared to a chat, everyone in the chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos from the album. If you need to rename the album, tap the album, tap the three dot menu, tap Edit Name, then confirm the new album name. To find albums at any time, tap your group chat name then go to Media.

Next up is adding contacts via a QR code. Now you do not have to type a name or number to add them on Messenger, just ask them to pull up their QR code from the Messenger Settings and then scan it with your camera or ask them to share their link by tapping Share under the QR code.

Finally, Messenger will now let you send files of up to 100MB. To do this, just press the + button in Messenger and choose a file to send. Meta says that all major file formats are supported including Word, PDF, and Excel. While it doesn’t match the file sending capabilities of Telegram, you can at least stop resorting to sending emails for larger files.

These features will gradually arrive over the coming weeks so be on the lookout for them. In our testing, all of the features are available except for shared albums.

Source: Meta

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