Facebook testing out 'buy' feature directly on its pages

Facebook wants you to buy goods directly on its pages, and to that effect it’s now testing out some new features with select retailers.

The store pages found on the giant social network might be getting a bit of a makeover soon, as the company is adding “buy” buttons directly to the site. Facebook is currently doing a test run of the service, with some unnamed retailers, but if this proves successful, shopping on Facebook might become a regular thing.

What’s really interesting is that Facebook wants to attract sellers by not taking a cut of the sale, and leaving the entire revenue for its partner. Instead, if the social network proves to advertisers that lots of purchases are happening directly on its pages, advertisers will likely be willing to pay a lot more for ads on said pages.

Of course, having this system in place could also allow sellers to easily feature “flash sales” and get their message quickly in front of users. There’s a lot of potential here and Facebook knows that, so the only surprising thing is that it took the company this long to try and sort it out.

Source: Buzzfeed News | Facebook notifications image via Shutterstock

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