Defcon owner now works for Homeland Security

Jeff Moss (a.k.a. The Dark Tangent) is widely known for his yearly convention called Defcon, where hackers from around the globe meet in Las Vegas to perform certain tasks and win prizes. Jeff is also the founder of Black Hat, a world premier technology security conference. His most popular feature event is called "Spot the fed" where real world hackers try and find the FBI agent sitting in the audience.

The 39 year old hacker, Jeff Moss was called late Friday and was asked to join the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Jeff Moss will help out in projects that are focused on protecting the southwest border with things like Fastpass and Safe Flight, protecting the technology component from other hackers who may try to compromise the technology.

Although many people want to see Bruce Schneier, a famous hacker who has written many books on security in the digital world, on the council instead, Jeff Moss says that he is "fantastically honored and excited to contribute" to the HSAC.

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