Gadgets get their own site

Last week at the Professional Developer's Conference (PDC) Microsoft announced that gadgets would be a native part of Windows Vista. This week,, a website dedicated to the sale and distribution of gadgets has been launched.

Gadgets are a new category of software designed to provide information, useful lookup, or enhance existing applications and services on your computer. Common gadgets include weather forecast, stock tickers, RSS readers, web info, system stats, and more.

Unlike widgets, which have been popularized by programs such as DesktopX, Konfabulator, and Apple's Dashboard, gadgets are stand-alone. They require no additional run-time or downloads in order to make work. When a user downloads a widget, they must make sure they have the corresponding widget enabler. By contrast, gadgets all work together regardless of how they are made. will be heavily moderating submissions for quality and security. It supports all types of gadgets whether made with DesktopX Pro or Microsoft's new "Sparkle" program. Revenue from the sale of gadgets is split evenly between the website and the gadget author.

As Windows Vista approaches, the site will include tutorials and how-to guides for developers wanting to make use of Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation for development. Gadgets of all shapes and sizes may be submitted regardless of how they were generated.


View: Microsoft Gadgets home page

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