Games with Gold: Rivals of Aether and Earth Defense Force 2017 are now free

It has been a busy week for Microsoft with all the E3 announcements that went on, but that doesn't mean Xbox Live Gold subscribers aren't getting their free games on time. As part of the newest Games with Gold, Xbox One owners can now grab Rivals of Aether while Xbox 360 owners have Earth Defense Force 2017 available to them.

Once again, the Xbox 360 game is part of the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program, allowing owners of the modern console to claim and play it natively as well. This program also came to an end this week, with Microsoft diverting its resources to supporting its next console - Project Scarlett.

Use the store links down below to directly attach the games on to a Gold activated account:

Rivals of Aether (Xbox One)

Rivals of Aether is an indie fighting game set in a world where warring civilizations summon the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Play with up to four players locally or up to two players online.

Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

"Earth Defense Force" is a shooting action game and follow-up to "THE Earth Defense Force" and "THE Earth Defense Force 2", released in Japan. In this game, the player becomes a soldier of an international army, the EDF, trying to defeat an alien army that suddenly arrives on Earth.

Don't forget that EA SPORTS NHL 19 from the previous Games with Gold promotion is still available to claim for free by Xbox One players until the end of June.

Microsoft also launched its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription during E3, which combines Xbox Live Gold, as well as the Xbox One, and the new PC variants of Xbox Game Pass into a single service, priced at $14.99. The first month is discounted to $1, however, and any remaining Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions - up to 36 months - are converted over to Ultimate time when joining.

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