G.I. Combat demo v1.01

G.I. Combat is a continuous real-time strategy game, engulfing the player in the dynamic conflicts of the Second World War. The full three-dimensional environment provides unsurpassed detail for terrain, armor penetration, vehicle movement, and weapon-fire.

Players campaign American or German troops through tactical excursions of enemy artillery barrages, beach landings, snipers, bridge crossings, and loads of heavy tank fire! Whether it is commanding a group of squads to infiltrate an enemy outpost, or jumping into the trenches with a single steadfast dogface, GI Combat excels at delivering the complete combat experience.

GI Combat will feature campaigns with dozen of historical and hypothetical scenarios beginning at D-Day, and carrying through Patton's lightening breakout from the Normandy Beachead.

News source: 3DGamers

Download: G.I Combat demo v1.01 (99.4Mb)

View: Official site

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