Hardware reviews galore

Our loyal affiliates have sent in loads and loads of hardware reviews of late, so here is a quick round up.

Long standing video reviewers, 3dgameman have published a review of the ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 9600XT Video Card, which you can find here. Tweaknews have also published a ATI review, but of the 'straight' 9600 model (here). Hardware Analysis have published a nice review of Cebit, the "biggest IT show in Europe", and you can find that here. With lots of nice pictures, its a dead fire hit here!

Hexus have reviewed the "AOpen AK86-L K8T800 S754 Motherboard", concluding it is pretty good (find it here). On a mobo note, "Only NewZ" notes that there are bios updates out for ASUS, AOPEN, MSI and AsROCK boards (see here). Another glowing review comes from designtechnica, a review of "Samsung HLN617W 61" DLP Projection TV", which can be found here. On the optical note, Viperlair has a review of some LED fans & CCFL tubes which can be found here.

3dextreme.net have posted a [chilling] review of the AeroCool HT-101 CPU Cooler, which can be found here. Underneath that cooler, you might place a Mobile Barton XP 2500+ which has been reviewed by techtastic (here). Interestingly, apparently, the mobile chip makes a good over-clocker on the desktop. Hardwarezoon have written up a nice comparison of the Intel Prescott 2.8E vs the Northwood 2.8C (here). Also by the keen kids at 3dextreme is a great review of the Coolermaster WaveMaster TAC-T01 Aluminum Case(here).

Ownt has posted a review of the Zalman 5.1 Headphones; here. On a audio note Tbreak has got a nice article on the creative Zen xtra 30Gig, which can be viewed here. Rojakpot has got an interesting guide on how to upgrade your laptop via USB; see it here.

That's all for this week :)

News source: Neowin.net

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