HERE Maps gets worldwide map update on Android and Windows Phone

HERE maps has just received an important worldwide update that brings new map data and important improvements in the way that data is displayed.

Users of HERE maps on Android and Windows Phone should check for updates to their maps today as the new versions bring global improvements, including support for turn-by-turn navigation in new locations and new, more accurate ways of displaying public transport.

Bodies of water, winding roads, new locations, new transit routes and generally updated data is also part of the update. And of course seeing as how Microsoft’s Maps app also relies on HERE data, the update also applies to the default app found on Windows Phone.

If you’re on Android, HERE Maps will notify you when it’s time to update and all you need do is follow those instructions. If you’re on Windows Phone you either need to go to Maps-> Settings -> Check for Updates or to Here Maps -> Download Maps -> Check for updates.

Source: HERE blog

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