How to make g33ks gr33n with envy

Once a million dollar vector-parallel supercomputer for research projects at the Australian National University, this Fujitsu VPP300 is now being auctioned off at eBay.

With 13 143MHz vector processors, a fast crossbar interconnect and 14GB of RAM, the four-cabinet machine boasts peak performance taps of 28.6 Gflops. Back in 1996, when the supercomputer was installed at Australia's National University it was [censor mode on] quite spiffing [censormode off] ;). Now the ANU's Fujitsu VPP300 is being put out to pasture by that most modern of routes, an auction on eBay.

"The only catch is its mass and electricity consumption. But if you can fit it in your room it'd make your geek-friends green with envy."

Indeed. Who could resist the potential to boost yourSeti@Home ranking or turn the computer into the ultimate Web/Doom server? All you need (failing access to a disused nuclear bunker) is a spare garage and a cunning plan to transport the mega-machine. Bids are invited, but hurry: the auction closes on March 17. So far the only bid received - at time of posting - is for one measly Aussie dollar. This hardly fitting for the swan song of such a powerful machine.

News source: The Reg.

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