Laptop makers mobilize Pentium-M models

PC manufacturers are coming out with a slew of new notebooks containing Intel's Pentium-M processor, and executives claim that goes a long way toward improving the laptop experience.

Dell Computer, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and others will start selling new notebooks for the business and consumer markets that feature the Pentium-M, an energy-efficient notebook processor, over the next 24 hours. Because it consumes less energy, the chip produces less heat, meaning notebooks weigh less since they don't need as many fans or heat sinks. And Pentium-M notebooks generally run four or more hours on a single battery charge, longer than typical laptops in the past.

The chip, based on an entirely new architecture, also lives up to earlier claims from Intel that it would outperform the mobile Pentium 4 even though it runs at slower speeds to conserve power.

News source: Full story @ c|net

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