Innovative Startup Firewall 2.0

Innovative Startup Firewall protects your computer from programs that insert themselves into the Windows startup in order to start automatically when you start your computer. Having many programs start automatically increases your computer boot time and may seriously decrease your computer's speed and available memory. Also, malicious programs often configure Windows so they get started automatically and then monitor your Internet surfing and computer work and send reports to advertisers.

Windows has many locations where a program can insert itself in order to start automatically, including:

  • the Startup folder from your start menu

  • the Run and RunOnce keys in the registry

  • the Scheduled Tasks applet in your Windows XP Control Panel

  • the WIN.INI file

  • several other registry locations which are less known and usually not documented by Microsoft

Innovative Startup Firewall continously monitors all the startup locations and, when a program inserts itself in a startup location, it asks you whether you want to allow that program in your startup or not, and then acts upon your wishes by allowing the program in your startup or by removing it.

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Download: Innovative Startup Firewall 2.0

View: Innovative Startup Firewall web site

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