Intel Prescott Chipsets get numbers and more info

Intel is moving so far ahead on the 800MHz dual 400 DDR chipsets it will introduce next year they've already got numbers rather than codenames.

These chipsets will support the Prescott 90 nanometer microprocessor "seamlessly" when it's released later next year. That means they'll support the Northwood P4s first.

These chipsets support CSA (communication streaming architecture) – a new architecture which includes a port on the the (G)MCH memory controller, and will include Calexico, as we mentioned elsewhere today. They also support Gigabit Ethernet Kenai II, so called "Wirespeed", which Intel claims will give over 60 per cent full duplex performance over PCI32-33.

Chipzilla will call the Canterwood the 875P, the Springdale G the 865G, the Springdale PE the 865PE, and the Springdale P the 865P.

View: Prescott Intel Chipsets have 'communication streaming architecture'

News source: The Inquirer

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