Intel Sets Its Sights on Sonoma

Anand Chandrasekher has a new haircut. The vice president and general manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group last month shaved off all his hair, the result of a bet made with his sales team. The deal was that if Intel's sales team exceeded their targets for Centrino sales he would shave his head. They met the challenge and, true to his word, Chandrasekher paid a visit to his barber.

As Chandrasekher's new look demonstrates, demand has been strong for Centrino--which bundles a Pentium M processor with an 855 mobile chipset and a WLAN chipset--since it was introduced in March 2003. And Intel expects the launch of its next-generation Centrino platform, known by the codename Sonoma, to build upon this success.

"I'm expecting more [notebook PC] designs will get launched with Sonoma than we saw with the first Centrino platform," Chandrasekher says, adding that more than 50 Sonoma-based laptop designs will be ready to ship when the technology is launched during the second half of this year.

News source: PCWorld

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