Intel to use one kilo heatsinks for Socket-T and BTX mobo

LGA-775, or Socket-T is set to be launched with the - unimpressive to date - Prescott core, but it is part of the the prevailing plot to drive widespread adoption of all the supporting components that are needed for Intel's BTX form factor. The reference heatsink for the first LGA-775 Prescott Pentium 4 will be reminiscent of the "sunflower" heatsink supplied with earlier Northwood core P4, but it's larger, and heavier, and now features split-fins. This bi-fin design increases the fin surface area in order to accommodate the higher thermal dissipation requirements of the high frequency LGA-775 Prescott in an ATX chassis.

Does Intel see the first LGA-775 Prescott processor - the P4 3.6GHz - as the last it can viably cool with an affordable, and reasonably low noise active heatsink in an ATX chassis? Intel's BTX form factor will introduce passive heatsinks, and we can exclusively reveal that current protoypes weigh in at around a hefty one kilogram apiece!

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