iPod "not a mac", a portable HD mp3 player!

Today Steve jobs launched the iPod, a portable mp3 player with a built-in 5gb hard drive...

Details of the device are :-

  • Apple's new device is a hard drive-based music player: iPod. It's a part of everyone's life. It's a large target market. It knows no boundaries. And there is no market leader.
  • MP3 (incl. VBR), WAV, and AIFF playback. Holds 1000 songs.
  • Music players: flash (MP3) player, hard disk player, CD player, MP3 CD player
  • 3 breakthroughs in iPod: 1. Ultra-portable. Ultra-thin hard drive. 1.8 inch hard drive is .2 inches thick. 5 Gigabytes. 1000 songs at 160K bit rate.
  • 20 minute skip protection FireWire built-in. fast -- entire CD download in under 10 seconds
  • One hour recharge, 10 hour battery capacity charges over FireWire -- no charging cable needed
  • SJ: "Isn't this cool? It's never been this fast or this easy before." "We've all heard 'plug and play' before. This is plug, unplug, and play."
  • $399 due Nov. 10
  • and... "We have thought than when we get a little spare time, we will look at taking it to Windows. We know the experience won't be as good, but we will probably look at that down the road."
News sources: Mac Central and SlashDot

Screenshot: Apple iPod web site

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