Italy foils cheats by blocking mobile phones

Italian schools are using military technology and transfering it to the class room to help stop students cheating in their exams. Mobile phone technology has opened up a whole new front for teenagers desperate to get exams necessary for well paid jobs in Italy, like those in the civil service. New mobile phones that offer camera features have enabled students to photograph questions, and send the images (or text them) to 3rd parties.

The units, called 'C-Guard', have a range of 260 feet, have been installed at the Enrico Tosi Technical Institute school in northern Italy, and stop signals reaching the phones by jamming them. The school has deployed them at exam sites, and has also considered using them in classes. The devices could also eventually be deployed at universities across the country.

How well italian students would take these measures is unknown; in an ever growing 'mobile' age one imagines it would be with some anger.

View: The C-Guard unit

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