Jailbreak in the wild for iOS4 devices

TiPb reports a new jailbreak designed for Apple devices running iOS4 has been released.

The jailbreak, created by a user under the alias of comex, is accessed on a iOS4 device via Safari by navigating the browser to jailbreakme.com. Using a fancy web-based interface, a user simply slides their finger across the screen to perform the jailbreak.

A note of caution, reports are coming in that some have bricked their phones using this jailbreak, or are missing features such as Facetime and MMS. Please remember this before performing the jailbreak. Performing a backup is also always highly recommended before attempting a change such as this. A hard restore may correct issues stemming from a botched jailbreak. As expected, jailbreakme.com is experiencing a high load, and performance may be sluggish. This could be the cause behind the hit and miss bricking issues the jailbreak creates.

Currently ultrasn0w and other soft carrier unlocks do not work as of yet.

Redmond Pie has complied a list of all devices currently able to utilize the jailbreak.

Have you successfully jail broken your iOS4 device? Let us know in the comments!


[Update] A reader has tipped us off that this may be a fix for the MMS and FaceTime issues some have been plagued with:  "If you backed up BEFORE the jailbreak you can right click the iPhone icon and select Restore From Backup. The Settings will be overwritten and MMS, Facetime and Cydia will all be there"  Thanks 0sm3l 

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