jv16 PowerTools 2007

The new and improved jv16 PowerTools is an easy-to-use Windows optimization suite and registry cleaning toolkit containing 21 different tools which allow you to keep your computer running smoothly and error-free.

With this software you can...

* Automatically clean your Windows registry from obsolete and unneeded data.
* Automatically fix many kinds of registry errors, such as broken file references.
* Easily uninstall leftover traces of software you have thought you have already uninstalled ages ago.
* Detect and remove unneeded history data and MRU (most recently used) lists that can contain sensitive information about you.
* Locate and delete unneeded files, including temp files and duplicate files.
* And much, much more!

Great, but what does it do for me?

* Your computer will begin to perform better and run smoother.
* Your computer will start faster.
* You will improve your privacy and minimize the risk of sensitive data leaking to others.
* You will save time by having to spend less time to maintain your computer.
* You will save money by not having to buy numerous different maintenance programs.

New features of jv16 PowerTools 2007

* New registry cleaner engine and user interface - The very first stateful registy cleaner ever made. The new engine doesn't analyze the registry entry by entry but as a whole, a single registry error can be relating to numerous registry entries and keys. Read more...
* New software uninstallation engine - the Software Manager is more accurate and can detect more leftover data than before. The tool can now also detect files and folders related to the software that is being uninstalled, not only registry data. Read more...

Download: jv16 PowerTools 2007 shareware
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